Past projects

Past civil and mining projects for major statewide clients

Hicks Civil and Mining are proud to have been a part of some of the most impressive civil construction and mining projects for top tier clients throughout Western Australia. No matter the size of the job, we always strive to provide the same level of service and quality delivery with our range of civil and earthworks works services, labour and equipment hire capabilities, and dedication to working for our local communities.
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Our past projects

Port debottlenecking

Client: BHP

Term: September 2021 - present

Location: Pilbara, Western Australia

Description of works:

  • Laydown area construction
  • Site office refurbishment
  • Construction of Turkey’s Nest
  • Pad constructions as per client’s request
  • Import and supply of 9000m3 of crushed stone materials
  • Supply of standpipe
  • Dust suppression of heavy and light vehicle access areas
  • Provision of track protection officer
  • Removal of general rubbish and construction waste
770G grader working on debottlenecking project

Road maintenance

Client: Rio Tinto

Term: April 2022 - present

Location: Yandicoogina mine site

  • Road maintenance services
  • Drainage network maintenance and improvements
  • Roadway safety improvements
  • Bulk ore handling and support
  • Refuelling services
  • Topsoil stripping and clearing works
  • General site clean up
  • Landfarm management
  • Landfill management

concreting road for civil infrastructure and mining project

Koodaideri phase 1 (now known as Gudai-Darri)

Client: Rio Tinto

Term: September 2019 - March 2020

Location: Pilbara, Western Australia

  • Site establishment
  • Bulk earthworks and drainage for mine
  • NPI facility
  • Rehabilitation for disturbed areas and borrow pits
  • Installation of road signage, guide posts, and guard rails
  • Maintenance of new and existing access roads and tracks
  • Site access track construction
  • Construction of central, administration, landfarm, fixed plant, storage yards, and laydown facility pads
  • Road and traffic management
  • Site prep and soil management

CAT dozer performing bulk earthworks

Dredged material management area (DMMA) remediation

Client: BHP

Term: July 2022 - present

  • Installation of dust monitoring devices
  • Site surveys
  • Reinstatement of existing western drains
  • Dredge material cutting from embankment
  • Ripping and compacting
  • Rocky material loading and haulage
  • Soil preparation and treatment for vegetation
  • Seeding application
  • Soil conditioning
  • Removal of existing road drain
  • Dust suppression

Excavator picking up boulders with grab attachment

Service locations

Our history of working on some of the state’s most impressive civil and mining projects was aided by our range of service locations in Pilbara and across Western Australia. Take a look at our locations page to learn more about our depots in the following areas:
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Port Hedland

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